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Waxing company founder Nicky Shore's great American road trip

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Nicky Shore talks howling babes and off-beat romance with John Anthony.

howling babes and off-beat romance with John Anthony.')"/>
    Founder of Off Wax and Laser and On Browhouse Nicky Shore married her husband Kelvin Ovington in Vegas.

    Founder of Off Wax and Laser and On Browhouse Nicky Shore married her husband Kelvin Ovington in Vegas.

    During a great American road trip, Nicky Shore stayed in dodgy hotels, visited Graceland and got engaged in a trailer park.

    In 2005, the founder of Off Wax and Laser and On Browhouse spent six weeks zig-zagging from Miami to Los Angeles in a Mustang with her husband, Kelvin Ovington.

    Shore said driving rather than flying provides a different perspective.

    The couple got engaged in a trailer park in Arizona.

    The couple got engaged in a trailer park in Arizona.

    "We purposely went to small towns - side stops - and sought out the mundane as well as the weird and wonderful," Shore said.

    To save money they ate a lot of Denny's and Subways meals,  and stayed in discount accommodation chain Motel 6's, she said.

    "We stayed in motels where we had to pay a deposit for the TV remote control to be passed under bullet proof glass."

    They visited Graceland during Elvis week, went to a baseball game, attended a rib festival, stayed on a ranch and saw incredible wildlife, she said.

    One of her favourite places was the unclaimed baggage centre in Scottsboro, Alabama where unclaimed luggage from all the American airlines was sent to be sold.

    "It is like an insight into people's lives on another level and the best second hand shop on the planet."

    Shore said Ovington proposed to her in a retro trailer park in Bisbee, Arizona, where they stayed in a silver Airstream trailer complete with plastic pink flamingos on the artificial grass outside.

    "It then seemed only appropriate to get married in Vegas a year later."

    Worst flight?

    A trip back from Thailand with a six month old baby that was inconsolable.

    We were instantly transformed into being "that family with the kids" for 12 hours of utter hell. It was a night flight as well. The feelings will haunt me every time I get on a plane and now I have so much sympathy for any people travelling in that situation.

    Best flight?

    We recently had a helicopter ride over our home in Pukekohe.

    The kids faces when the helicopter landed in our front paddock was brilliant, and seeing your own house and district from up high is pretty amazing.

    Favourite international dish?

    I have a weakness for soft shell crab. The best I ever had was in Miami, at Hakkasan, where I literally ate three plates of deep fried crab.

    Favourite international beverage?

    Not necessarily international, but every time I am on a long flight I seem to order a Bloody Mary. I never drink these on land and I have spoken to others that do the same.

    At home, good bubbles are probably my favourite, so a lovely glass of Veuve Clicquot or Moet.

    Must have travel item?

    Baby wipes – lots of baby wipes. Tinted moisturiser and dry shampoo to cheat people into thinking I look better than I do when I land, and a huge wrap around scarf that I can use for everything.

    Most underrated city?

    Heidelburg, Germany. Gorgeous, historic, picturesque and home to the craziest old school lolly shop - Zuckerladen.

    Also Ljubljana, Slovenia. There is so much to see and do within driving distance. There are hot springs, great ski fields, day trips to places like Lake Bled and Predjama Castle.

    Best airport to land at?

    Queenstown – not sure much can beat that scenery.

    Top travel tips?

    Try not to travel through the lens of your camera or phone. Immerse yourself.  Also, check twice, book once.

    One place you want to visit before you die and why?

    Russia. I know so little and it is vastly different from a lot of our travels so far. The history and juxtaposition between the old and new, and its vastness all appeal. I would love to do the Trans-Siberian railway.

    Favourite souvenir picked up travelling?

    A reindeer hide from Sweden – he is called Spritzer.

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